Meet The Team

Amy Oughton
Speech Language Pathologist
(Voice Pathologist)
Singing Voice Specialist
Vocal Coach/Teacher

Amy has worked across both the paediatric and adult acute environments. Amy is qualified, experienced and passionate about working with infants through to elderly. Her dynamic abilities to treat infants and elderly across both education and health related speech, language, communication, voice, feeding and swallowing difficulties, confirms her stand out knowledge.


Determined, intelligent and diligent, Amy has specialist 'voice' assessment and treatment skills and this is where her true passion lyes. She has knowledge in the anatomy and physiology of the head and neck region and has specific interest in 'Vocal Health'- voice care and management for singers and performers and has just completed her myofascial release training (laryngeal massage and manual therapy for voice clients). She travels nationally to run clinics for performers, guest lecturing at University Programs, Consulting for Musical Theatre Societies during their busy show seasons and not only assesses and treats disorderd voices but also cares and maintains the healthy professional voice, implementing vocal health programs. She is able to continue seeing her clients remotely via telehealth (zoom) and links in and refers to ENT services when required. 


Speech and Language Therapist Amy goes above and beyond to do independent work with her clients one on one, but also with those around them to make sure their communication is effective.e.g meeting with school teachers to make sure the curriculum is adapted to meet the child’s needs. Amy will work with the teacher, rather than just ‘telling’ them what to do.


Amy is also a passionate teacher of Drama and Singing. She started training in Speech and Drama as a 10 year old, completed her Trinity College London Speech & Drama and Singing exams, performed in competitions, choirs and multiple productions across the South Island. Amy has extensive experience and knowledge of the Speech New Zealand and Trinity College of London Speech and Drama, Performance and Singing Syllabus.


Amy is passionate and excited to help children, youth and adults strive to be the best communicators they can be. 


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Michelle Keating
Speech Language Pathologist
(Voice Pathologist)

Vocal Coach/Teacher
Dance Tutor

Michelle joined the Mackenzie Therapy team in 2020 after completing of her Master of Speech and Language Pathology with Distinction at the University of Canterbury.


Michelle enjoys being able to work with a broad range from clients, from children with diverse needs to adults with acquired voice disorders. She is particularly passionate about working with professional voice users and providing gender-affirming voice therapy to transgender and gender-diverse individuals.


Having previously completed a Bachelor of Performing Arts at the University of Otago, Michelle enjoys working with singing students and also teaches dance and drama through Mackenzie Performing Arts.


In her spare time, you can find Michelle singing, dancing, acting, or thrift-shopping.

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