The Mackenzie Performing Arts Academy, open now to ALL AGES, aims to help all students grow strong communication, social and performance skills as well as inspiring all student's confidence and self-belief through performance-based arts e.g. drama, musical theatre, and singing. 


Classes are available in the following towns right across the Mackenzie District:

  • Twizel: Mondays & Wednesdays from 3:15pm held at Twizel Community Care Centre.

  • Fairlie: Tuesdays & Thursdays from 3:15pm held at Mackenzie College.

Classes are held once a week, during term time. Group lessons run from 30-60 minutes and individual 1:1 lessons run for 30-60 minutes. 

Enrolments must be received prior to the beginning of the term for that student to participate in the program that term. All planning for the term, scripts/materials, roles etc is organised prior to the term starting. 

Payment for the term must be made in full by the end of 2nd week of the school term. We accept cheque, cash, credit, debit card, or Internet banking. 

Payment options can be arranged for weekly/fortnightly instaulments however, this needs to be orgainsed directly with the director and will be either an automatic payment or direct debit. 

Discount: A 10% discount applies to those who are enrolling in multiple streams or who have enrolled 2 or more students. 

Disney Kids (Twizel only):  $85.00 for a term
Our Disney Performance class is an introductionary program that gives our youngest performers (3-4 year olds) the opportunity to learn early drama and musical theatre technqiues e.g. role play, characterisation, using your imagination- improvisation, projecting and singing with chest and head register. This class runs for 9 weeks with a performance at the end of the term. 

Junior Performance : $110 for a term

MPA Academy Junior Performance class introduces our junior students (5-7yr olds) to the amazing world of drama and musical theatre. This combined performance program focusses on the foundational skills of drama and musical theatre: staging, positioning, characterisation, improvisation, projection, emotion, early script work, working the vocal range. 
This is a 9 week program with a performance at the end.

Intermediate Drama : $165 for a term

The Intermediate Drama Program gives students, aged 8-12 years of age, the full experience of how 'drama' comes together on the stage and screen. Students will learn specific acting, script and staging skills and techniques and then put this into practice on the stage at the end of term showcase. Two lesson days and times available in Twizel (Monday or Wednesdays). 

Senior Drama: $220 for a term

MPA Academy Senior Drama is our advanced program for those students aged 13-18 years. This program focusses on advanced acting and voicing techniques and skills including characterisation, emotional acting, accents, writing and producing. Students will also begin working on advanced scripts and putting all their technique work into practice with a scripted group drama and monologue performances at the end of the term.

Musical Theatre Company: $220 for a term

MPA Academy presents the 'Triple Threat' program- acting, singing & dancing. This Musical Theatre Program is open to 8-18 year olds. Studenets will be getting the opportunity to learn scripts and songs straight from broadway productions and putting these together on the MPA Stage at the end of the terms. This program incorporates skills from all areas of the performing arts- vocal tone, vocal range, vocal control, movement, characterisation, accents, staging etc.

1:1 Singing Tuition: $40 per lesson= $360 for a term

At MPA Academy we provide you with a unique specialised singing tuition program. You are learning from industry professionals as well as from a registered Speech Therapist who specialises in voice management and care for the professional voice user and who provides assessment adn treatment to those presenting with a disorder or voice difficulty. Every singer will learn not only musical theory, voice and performance technqiues but also voice anatomy and physiology and how to care for the voice- something every performer should know.


Extended Academy Opportunities...performances in the community, at theatre and arts festivals, competitions and masterclasses with theatre and musical professionals.

Shows...each term the academy classes will put on a showcase to demonstrate the skills they have been learning, the pieces they have been working on and to continue their 'performance' skill and 'confidence in front of a live audience 

All academy students will be given the opportunity to audition for a yearly production which will be open to the full community (children and adults).  







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Mackenzie Therapy Performance Scholarship

Growing confident communicators and performers! 

To mark the 1st year anniversary of MPA Academy we wanted to do something that was long lasting and give something back to our community and have put together the 'Mackenzie Therapy Performance Scholarship'. 


Every term Mackenzie Therapy is pleased to offer up to two scholarships to students who have the drive and talent to learn acting and musical theatre with us. The scholarship covers the full fees for the term. 


Scholarships are open for students aged 5-18 years of age. 


Scholarship applications need to be received 3 weeks before the start of each term. 


Application for a scholarship can be made by filling in the form, attaching references and mailing it to us at PO BOX 341 Twizel or scanning it and emailing it through to us at 



If you have any questions about the process please contact Amy on 0211511393 or on