How can Mackenzie Therapy help you?

Assessments and individualised treatment programmes are available for both children and adults who present with the following:

- Articulation/ speech sound delays or disorders
- Language delays or disorders

- Phonological Awareness difficulties

- Auditory Processing disorder
- Learning difficulties e.g. dyslexia
- Fluency/stuttering
- Motor speech disorders e.g. apraxia of speech, dysarthria
- Language disorders post neurological injury e.g. aphasia
- Accent reduction
- Social communication difficulties
- Infant and child feeding difficulties, including fussy eating

- Swallowing difficulties

- Voice difficulties

- Voice care and management programs for singers and performers (Specialist Service)


Mackenzie Therapy is an ACC registered provider

Myofascial Release
Myofascial Release



As a mobile Speech-Language Therapy service, we have the flexibility to provide assessment and treatment of speech, language, communication, voice, feeding/swallowing difficulties within homes, educational facilities and the community. 

Our specialist voice service is available nationwide. Amy is a Voice Consultant for New Zealand and available to Musical Theatre Companies, Societies, School and Tertiary Education Facilites, Private Voice Coaches and Practices and Professional Music Companies. Clinics are available for assessment and treatment of voice difficulties but also to care and maintain the healthy performance voice during periods of high vocal demand and load via specialist programs. Please get in contact directly with Amy to organise an appointment. 

New exciting way of providing treatment.......Telehealth. This is where therapy sessions are completed via zoom, Skype, face time etc, which cuts the travel costs for both parties. Telehealth has shown to be a very successful way of providing treatment with similar progress results in shorter session times when compared to face-to-face treatment. A great alternative to those who live in rural areas or who have busy family lives. 

In Twizel we have a clinic space where we can see clients for consultations, assessments and treatment sessions. You can find us at:


Learning Opportunities

Mackenzie Therapy is able to present a range of voice, speech, language, communication and feeding/swallowing professional development, information sessions, workshops and group seminars to health professionals, education staff, parents, local businesses and the general public. 


Get in touch if you wish to find out more. 



We provide Speech & Voice therapy online