The vocal program is designed for all levels, all interests, all types of singing genres and all ages! 30 minute individual or group classes are available. 15% discount if 1:1 singers are also apart of the MPA Drama/Musical Theatre Academy.  

30 minutes: $40 per lesson


Lessons begin with the teaching of breath and posture for singing.  Once breath and resonance is flowing then singers have the chance to become confident and engaging performers.  Working within the right musical genre for the student helps to establish a vocal technique and widen musical horizons.


* The basics of good vocal technique and discovering your natural voice

* Beginning to read music and developing musicality

* Discovering musical styles to enable best progress.


* Understanding how the voice works

* Improving breath capacity, control of the voice and range of expression

* Achieving and maintaining good vocal health for life

* Preparing for recording sessions and gigs.


* Establishing a free, secure and confident vocal technique

* Working with communication of text and performance style

* Preparing for confident auditions and healthy enjoyable performances.


* Advanced level of coaching in style for lieder, chanson, opera, operetta, oratorio and British art song

* Language coaching in French, German, Italian, Spanish

* Working with piano accompaniment and understanding performance with orchestra

* Career advice and guidance

* Preparation for vocal examinations (optional)


* Assessment of vocal fatigue and damage

* Repair programme and looking at performance practice

* Plan for long-term vocal health.


At Mackenzie Performing Arts Academy you will learn: 

- To find your true voice 

- How to use your voice correctly, voice mechanics, anatomy

and physiology, and how to protect your voice (vocal hygiene)

- To rectify nasal and breathy issues

- To extend your pitch range

- To build breathing support and optimize your lung capacity

- To overcome anxiety and gain confidence

- To learn performance and mic techniques

- How to communicate emotions, wants, needs, stories, memories 

through singing